Timing - EP

by He Who Never

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By Melissa McSweeney

"Timing" is He Who Never’s second EP, and it’s his first recorded collaboration with a full band. This collaboration inherently changed He Who Never’s music, as his first EP, "Left," was recorded with nothing but his own vocals, piano, and drums. The full band adds another dimension of musical intensity to He Who Never, thus augmenting the emotional depth of Rosell’s original lyrics and compositions.

Through Rosell’s brilliantly composed acoustic piano, his mellow baritone, and the striking instrumentals of the full band, He Who Never’s newest EP "Timing" paints a portrait of growing up, transatlantic goodbyes, and dealing with the reality of time’s inevitable progression. Rosell’s lyrics are poetic, heartfelt accounts of his own memories that evoke in we listeners a similar sense of personal reflection. In the background of each song, the steady drums, swelling guitar, and serene bass combine with the flowing piano score to create a calm, ocean-like atmosphere, perhaps reminiscent of the shores of time.


released January 29, 2013

He Who Never is Aaron Rosell
All songs written and performed by He Who Never © 2013

Produced by Mike Forbess and He Who Never
Additional production by August Ogren
Recorded by Mike Forbess and August Ogren at Barn House
Mixed by Jeff Smith at Studio 2100
Additional mixing by Mike Forbess
Edited by Mike Forbess and He Who Never
Mastered by Jeff Smith at Studio 2100

Guitars performed by Al Lindorff and Stefan Swanson
Bass guitars performed by Matt Peterson and Nick Rogness
Drums and percussion performed by Craig Rosell and He Who Never
Rap feature on "Mirrors" written and performed by Metasota
Additional production on "Mirrors feat. Metasota" by Seth Lienard

Album artwork by Caleb Morris | www.calebmorris.net
Constant encouragement by Alec Nicholson

My parents and brother: Joe, Barb, and Craig Rosell; Mealeys and Rosells the world over; John Dehn, August Ogren-Dehn, and the entire Ogren-Dehn family; Mike Forbess; my friends in the Jamison Murphy band: Jamo, Brian Johnson, Leng Moua, and Matt Peterson; Rosie Partington; Emily Pennifold; Ehler Orngard; Brennan Anderson; Lyndsay Letourneau; Alyssa Mann; Charlotte Krol; Melissa McSweeney; Carly Samuelson; Luther College and LCSO; my co-workers and friends at the Quayside Publishing Group; my comrades at Senthor Creative; the musicians who selflessly volunteered their time and talents to make this record a reality; the artists and fans to whom I am endlessly indebted; and a collective of some of the most generous people on Earth: Abigail Kosowski, Kyle Thorsen, Jacob & Emily Blain, Jamison Murphy, Nick Lindeke, Derek Broin, and Steven Shepard.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Pardon
No matter where you go,
You can give your heart away –
The only difference is who she is.
So light another cigarette and walk away,
‘Cause fabricating love is not your business.

Twenty years ago, we were just little kids –
The only difference is in our minds.
I had a way of keeping everything simple then,
But then I grew, and started drawing lines.

‘Cause I don’t want to start a war again,
And I don’t need another fight.
So when the criminal comes crawling in,
Cut the chains, and make it right.

Where you’re gonna go is where I could never be;
I never found a way to simplify.
But maybe in the end, I’ll become the little kid…
Maybe in the end, I’ll make it right.

‘Cause I don’t want to start a war again,
And I don’t need another fight.
So when the criminal comes crawling in,
Cut the chains, and make it right.

‘Cause I refuse to start a war again,
And I won’t have another fight.
‘Cause I’m the criminal who’s crawling in,
So cut the chains, and make it right.

Make it right.
Track Name: Timing
Little boats weaving, a lake in my mind
In the silence I never knew.
Threads of a hidden, subconscious design,
And the courage to see them through.

4,000 miles’ worth of all that I’ve been,
And I thought I could leave it there.
But failed resolutions are too much to fend off
When memories don’t repair.

“I’m helpless but hopeful,” she said as I stared,
“But I guess that is all we can be.”
I learned then that timing will never be fair,
And that distance will always deceive.

So this is me,
Sweeping your history
From under your feet.

Little boats weaving, a lake in my mind
In the chances I never knew.
Threads of a quietly careful design
Where I’ll always have room for you.
Track Name: Arcs
I know there’s a cold wind coming.
I can feel it on your skin.
But I promise you I’ll pull that sunlight in.

In my head, there is an oar on the wrong course,
Drifting out and coming back.
And you’re the brittle branch afloat on all I lack.

Do you remember when we had to call the car?
Two bright reminders of how fragile humans are.

You told me of a cold wind coming.
You could feel it on your skin.
Once, I promised you I’d pull that sunlight in.

Do you remember how we laid there in the dark?
Two feeble stories trapped in four determined arms.
I wrote a promise on a wall of evil arcs,
Two bright reminders of how fragile my words are.
Track Name: Mirrors feat. Metasota
Here we go, back to where we started.
I never thought it’d come to this again.
Our better plans tossed to the wayside, buddy –
A view of all the men we should’ve been.

Do you really need this?
Is this a lie you tell yourself?
‘Cause life can be a one-way ticket,
Or life can be a long and dusty shelf.
Here we go…

Simpler times, we never knew.
It’s never gonna get easier to follow through.
Believe in what you will, but 22 is nothing
But a catalyst for what you have to do.

‘Cause you really need this;
You can see it in the glass.
You question, and question, and question the truth,
But the questioning is never gonna last.

Oh my god –
I hope I didn’t wait
I hope I didn’t wait too long.
Oh my god –
I hope I didn’t wait
I hope I didn’t wait too long.


Anybody out there? Ya hear my confusion?
Not afraid of the ways of the vague;
I only fear a conclusion.
Feel my spirit is movin’,
Tryna steer clear of exclusion –
The man in the mirror’s abused his time enough,
So I’m here to diffuse this.

Times are rough;
Every rhyme’s a touch of my soul in this cold world.
And any time I try to muster up strength,
I’m stuck in this rut like it won’t turn…
Forgive my faults, but I give my all;
Within these thoughts, I’ll live right on.
Throwing me slack is holding me back,
Alone on this track, and if I fall…

Hold me down – literally, let me drown.
‘Bout to stress me out; OG clouds
Fillin’ in me, let me float ‘til my rep peace out.
And hopefully, I’ll go where I’m sposed to be:
On the throne as I roam the streets;
Plenty broke for weeks, I smoke this keef,
Higher than gas is, so to speak.

Ironically, you never been low as me.
No woe is me – I openly admit it.
Rode the beat to these frozen peaks,
Uphold my piece – I’m totally committed.
Angels watchin’, halos broken – oh my god –
Demons lurkin’, heathens focused, hold my guard…

[He Who Never]

Oh my god –
I hope I didn’t wait
I hope I didn’t wait too long.
Oh my god –
I hope I didn’t wait
I hope I didn’t wait too long.
Oh my god –
I hope I didn’t wait
I hope I didn’t wait too long.
Oh my god –
I hope I didn’t wait
I hope I didn’t wait too long.
Track Name: Fault Lines
Hang your head now, fight the sound off.
Can I ask you to believe:
I would offer more than memory,
But it’s all I brought with me.

All the wanderings of a young man
Died in silence at the door
Where I left them with a letter;
I don’t want them anymore.

We were 20 when it started,
And today you’re 23.
I don’t mean to count the numbers,
But by 24, I will be

Over oceans, on the pavement,
Dressed in white flags and honesty.
I walk in and sit myself down,
You’re distracted with the tea.

(What am I doing here?)

“Draw your fault lines on the table;
You can trace them next to mine.
Have you heard of last October?”
You sit back and take the time.

“All the wanderings of a young man
Found themselves on foreign shores,
And I knew then, I’d be back here –
I am not waiting anymore.”

(What am I doing here?)
Hold on.